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Van Gogh Found in Heartland, USA

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Sheep, Shepherd and Sheepdog

Additional images are located throughout the painting.

The reason for the writing to be reversed was the artist planned to create a lithograph from painting. The year and initials would appear correct in a lithograph. Van Gogh was creating lithographs of his early work.

1. The year is in a circle below the shepherd's figure. The number is reversed and reads "28" the reverse of the year "82".

2. The initials "gvv" are located in the lower center of the painting. The initials "vvg" are of the artist Vincent van Gogh’s that are reversed.

3. The artist painted the face of a bearded man on the back of the shepherd below his coat tail on the back of his pants.

4. The location is the "Hague". The word the Hague is written in the sky to the right of the house.

5. The artist’s name "Vincent" is printed very small following the curve under the sheepdog’s tail.

6. "Vincent" in the lower right corner.

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