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Van Gogh Found in Heartland, USA

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Sheep, Shepherd and Sheepdog

The wooden stretcher bars are imported from Europe. The centimeter number 140 is imprinted in the wood. The reverse of the painting shows the stretcher bars have been cut down and nailed together. The nails are also visible in the x-ray. The x-ray photograph is located under forensic research.

The painting's condition is good. There have been no additions, repairs or alterations as confirmed by UV - ultraviolet (wood lamp) review. The UV photograph is located under forensic research. The canvas was re-stretched before putting in the frame of 1894. This is evident from the additional nail holes in the edge of the canvas.

No recent additions to the picture.

The nails holding the stretcher are visible in the UV image.

Additional forensic UV information will be available.

Lodox Statscan Radiograph
Sheep Shepherd and Sheepdog X-ray

Ultra Violet Image
Sheep Shepherd and Sheepdog UV Image

Additional forensic information:

The x-ray image was produced utilizing the Statscan in collaboration with LODOX Corporation and Janet G. Smith.

The x-ray is the Statscan image produced by the LODOX Corporation. The Statscan produced one digital x-ray for the total picture without a composite.

Note: Three years of forensic research by Janet G. Smith with the LODOX Statscan digital x-ray technology has been submitted to the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) in a journal article

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