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Van Gogh Found in Heartland, USA

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Sheep, Shepherd and Sheepdog

The painting is a study by Vincent van Gogh after Anton Mauve. "The Complete Van Gogh" by Jan Hulsker, Copyright 1977, Page 26.

The Apprenticeship with Anton Mauve was critical to Vincent van Gogh's future art. Van Gogh was encouraged to work in oils by Anton Mauve. Mauve gave Van Gogh a gift of oil paints, brushes as documented in the letter #165 of 22-24 December 1881. Vincent’s studio was at The Hague by 1882. Anton Mauve’s landscapes with sheep were popular in America. This study has the same elements; sheep, shepherd and sheepdog as the photograph of a sepia colored print by Anton Mauve. The photograph of the sepia colored print was taken at an antique mall. This picture is by Anton Mauve.

These three paintings by Anton Mauve can be located on the Internet for review using a google search. "Sheep, Spring" and "Sheep, Autumn" and "Bringing Home the Flock".

The wooden stretcher bars are imported from Europe because of the centimeter number 140 imprinted in the wood. The reverse of the painting shows the stretcher bars have been cut down and nailed together. The nails are also visible in the x-ray located in the forensic research.

Anton Mauve picture photograph from antique mall
Reverse of Sheep, Shepherd and Sheepdog

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